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  篇一:My favorite season
  If you ask to me favorite season? I to say: my favorite season is fall. Because fall is cool and windy but isn't too hot and too cold. I like reader relaxed and happy feeling. The climate is cool and pleasant in autumn, not so hot in summer nor so cold in winter. Autumn is the harvest season, golden rice in the paddy fields are ripe. Under the rays of the Sun in a piece of gold, Maple fell on a piece of Red Maple leaves, dancing in the air like a beautiful butterfly. moreover fall will come, farmers can harvest theirs “fruits of lador” The most exciting still can eat many tasty fruits. Such as: oranges, mangos, bananas, apples, pears……
  Autumn is a beautiful, happy! I like autumn。
  Listen to my introduce, do you know why I like fall?
  篇二:A Rainy Day
  Today is a rainy day and it's cold with the temperature of 5℃。 There are only a few people on the street and they all wear thick down coats and boots. They walk quickly and seem to go somewhere to escape from cold.
  It has been cold for a very long time and this winter is colder than ever, but I like it very much because I was born in winter. Besides, in my oppion, only the coldness makes a real winter.
  篇三:My Day
  Today is Monday. I got up at 6:30 a.m Then I washed my face and ate breakfast. Milk, bread, egg and porridge are my favorites. My mother always gets up early and cooks for me. This morning, I drank a cup of milk and ate bread and an egg. After breakfast, I went to school at 7:00. School started at 7:50 and I usually get there at 7:30. I had English, history, math and geography in the morning. I liked English very much, because my English teacher is very nice. After school in the morning, I went home at 11:30. Then I ate lunch and then had a short rest. I went to school at 14:00. In the afternoon, I had four classes: music, biology, and two periods of Chinese. I liked Chinese, too, because Chinese is our national language and it's very beautiful. After school, I went home for dinner. After dinner, I spent half and an hour on my homework. Then I watched TV and played computer games.
  篇四:My Best Friend
  Han Mei is my best friend. We know each other since we were born. Because we are twins. She is my elder sisiter. Like most twin sisters, we look almost the same. The most easy way to distinguish us is that she has a scar on her arm. It is my fault. When we are six years old, we played beside the stair, and then I pushed her down the stair accidently. She got hurt but not blame me at all. That is the history of her scar. Since then our parents always recognize us with that mark. (www.fwsir.com)Han Mei is better than me in study. So, sometimes I was criticized by our mother for failing the exam, she will pretend me to receive the criticism, without making my mother see the mark. I' m so thankful for this. So sometimes I will pretend her to take part in the piano class, as she is not interested in it. It is so interesting to play such game.
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