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 A letter to my Mom

 Dear Mom,

 I´m writing this letter, filled with guilt andanxiety. But I still have to tell you: I´ve run awayfrom home with my boyfriend-Tony. In fact, weclicked straightaway at first sight. Ilove the tattooon his body which has a variety of pattems. Ofcourse, he has a few girlfriends and we fell outa cmlple oftimes about tbis. Things are gettingbetter these days, because I was pregnant andhe swore that he would be loyal to me only sincethen.

 By the way, Tony is slightly older than me(48-year-old man , not too old in the present so-ciety, righf?). However, we have no money atpresent, so we intend to move to a desert islandand build a cosy cabin in wbich we can leadour own jolly life for the rest of our lives. Afterwe have gotten used to our new life, we plan togrow marijuana to earn money for bis AIDS treat-ment. I pray he can get well soon, Amen!

 I hope youjust haven´t fainted till now,Mom. Then you can turn the letter over.

 Wbat you have just read is not tnie. Pleaseforgive me for using such an absurd way to let youImow there are many things in the world which arefar worse than I get grade L111 less than A or at-tending a sleep over. I´m still in the bloom of yo-uth and I´m full of energy .I bave passion for dan-cing, sports, etc. I´ve yeamed for choosing myown extracurricular activities for long. However,I can hardly breathe under your tough restriction.And it doesn´t make sense to even forbid mebeing in a school play. An excellent girl do-esn´t just mean good grades. In addition tothis , success is not always about control, it´salso about letting go. Leave me more freespace and I´ll do better, I promise.

 Yours truly,

 Your daughter

 May 31th, 2011



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