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The summer holiday I enjoyed most


Compared with over 100 days' exhausting school life, summer holiday is definitely a golden time for relaxation and entertainment. We can set aside the studies, lock away the textbooks, forget everything about school, and greet the new life with our arms open up. During the two months' loose, we enjoy ourselves thoroughly, sleeping till when the sun is high in the sky, playing computer night and day, watching TV as long as we want to, and traveling around like a tramp. Time rolls by, and it is not until at the end of the holiday that we suddenly find our home assignment remaining blank sheets of paper. Then we go mad, and devote the last days to fulfilling the homework.
The same summer holidays pass year after year, and year after year, we regret when they come to an end. We regret having wasted so much time on recreations, instead of our lessons, and regret having worn away our youth in trifles.
Although it was still the case this summer, I dare say this was the most fruitful holiday I had ever spent. Yes, the summer holiday I enjoyed most is this year's.
At the very beginning of the holiday, our head teacher instructed us to make the most of the summer coming up, and then turn ourselves into bookworms. I took heart on hearing it, and at once mapped out a long list of hundreds of tasks I was going to perform. I was even in higher spirits in the first days of the summer, dreaming that I stuck to the whole schedule and became a super girl the next semester. But my ambition didn't stand the test of time. It was only a few days later that my attention was continually attracted by the Internet, novels, and shopping malls. Time flew surprisingly fast. When the vacation was already over, I realized in astonishment and despair that I had acted on only a half of my plan.
However, I am now consoling myself with the thought that it is human nature to have a rest after a long term's study; hence it is not realistic to keep working hard, even though the hor

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