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The course I like best


Of all the courses I have taken throughout all my years in school and university, Philosophy 101 is the course I like best. 

(i)这是单刀直入法—No beating around the bush. Get to the point quickly.)
(ii) Philosophy 101 identifies it as a course, not the subject area of Philosophy.)

  I took this course in my second year at university. My major was physics, but all science students had to take English literature, English composition, and several non-science optional courses to complete their programs.  (This paragraph defines when this course was taken, and why I had to take it)

  Philosophy 101 was a two-semester course. In the first semester, various philosophical problems of the western world were introduced and discussed. The topic included the interpretation of reality, the mind and body problem, and the problem of god. The second semester was on the philosophy of science.  (This paragraph tells people what the course is all about.)

  I love the course because it opened my mind to vistas I have never dreamed of. The enjoyment of the course was further enhanced by a very eloquent professor who expounded the intricacies of philosophy clearly and interestingly with relish and enthusiasm. Indeed, his zest for the subject was catching, and I fell in love with philosophy immediately and is infatuated with it ever since.   My view of the world around us would never be the same. You can say that a revolutionary change has taken place in the way I think and look at things.(This paragraph tells people why I loved the course.)
   The second part of the course is especially enjoyable because it dealt with the philosophic interpretation of the Special Theory of Relativity, Quantum Mechanics and how man interprets nature. Hitherto that date, science was nothing but facts and figures to me, but in this course we were taught to look beyond all that.  My life was forever changed by taking this

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