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广告总是叫我买一些不必要的东西~ 但是又告诉我们一些新奇的事物~ 谈一下自己的想法~


广告总是叫我买一些不必要的东西~ 但是又告诉我们一些新奇的事物~ 谈一下自己的想法~
Advertisement is invading our live! Many left-wing activists would
portray the trend as invasive and unpleasant. But is it really a problem?
Certainly it bothers people to watch 10 minutes of advertisement in between
every 20 minutes of actual programs on TV. Or to have people from India “
prank calling”, in the middle of a romantic dinner at home, trying to sell
the latest credit card offer. Advertisement is the unavoidable by-product
of the massive commercial activity that is going on in our time. But is it
really a problem? Advertisement had always been with us. In the old days,
people crave for a little information about where to buy the best meat in
the village and where to find a black smith to repair a plow. During these
times, since the communication channel is so limited, many of the
advertisements are word of the mouth. Nowadays advertisement find their way
to us by many channels. Through these ads, we become more aware of what is
around us, what our choices are, and how to compare. Advertisements are
certainly a important part of the free market economy and it helps to
provide us with more choices of life. In general, advertisements are not
evil, they encourage competition between products, act as a way of
communication between organizations and the market, and more importantly,
improves the quality of life.

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