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A Letter to Univsity Pesident about the Canteen Service on Campus


Dear President:
I am a student who lives on campus and uses canteen services everyday. I would love to share my opinion on the services I received. Also, I have some suggestions on how to improve the canteen services so that the students can be better served.
First, I think the choice of food is limited. We only have three choices of food everyday, and the menu is the same for every three days. I feel tired about the food because I have the same thing every three days. Also, the taste is not as good as the home-made one because they put too much salt on the food. I think it is bad for the students' health.
Second, the people who work in the canteen provide a very bad services to the students. They work very slow and have poor manner. We have to wait on a line for 5 minutes in order to get food. You know how precious the time is, especially for students. They just act and response in a very slow way. And when you ask them questions about the food, such as what that is, and how the food taste, those workers just simple answer "I don't know" in a poor manner.
I think the canteen services need to be improved. Students who live on campus will treat canteen like home because that is a place where they eat. However, the canteen just cannot give students a very harmony environment. So I think the canteen services really need improvement.


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