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  Class 7. WFLS. Am I too late to say it’s just like a dream come true?

  Quite frankly, military training is tiring. I’ve been told a million times about how exhausted I would be as soon as I finished this grueling training, and I don’t have any objection about that. However, now, I’ve got an Yes and No! I mean, physically,Yes, I have sun-tanned skin right now and for the first time I loathe being under the sun. Not to mention my sore legs and back. But this is just the heads of the coin. Tails, which means mentally, No! My inability to find proper words to express my feelings seems more and more overwhelming. Incredible? Unbelievable? Marvellous? Extremely impeccable maybe? These words are pale in comparison to the big picture of my future life. It’s like unwittingly, you fall in love with a new group of people, you feel for everything, you fall for everything.

  I don’t know if I am being sensitive here. I remember us sprint out the door to assemble because we are running late. I remember us complaining about the miserable food when it’s time for lunch. I remember us sitting weirdly comfortable in a cool dark place when other classes were sweating. I remember us sharing jaw-dropping details about our lives and feel connected to others. I remember all those moments of rapture and ecstasy, all those senses of déjà vu, all those smiles of genuine happiness.

  It’s like suddenly, I am no longer a prosaic girl living a plain life. It’s been a long time since the last time I didn’t regard myself as a catastrophe. As a lonely highway.The strong hope for the future made me the girl on fire. As I spoke with some friends of my pastimes and passions, words of such silky texture poured out from my soul with unparalleled candor and cadence. The voice that issued from my lips was at once richer, deeper, stronger than I had ever produced. It was as though an inner self, a core essence, had broken free and taken control. I broke out of my niche!

  Anyway, I shouldn’t be too excited because it’s just five days. Even though I have already found some friends with extraordinarily similar interests as I do. Even though this is breaking news for me because I enjoyed be in this together finally. Even though the words of encouragements faded, I still recall them from time to time to taste it all over again. I swear I’m not severed from reality. Momentarily, it’s just impossible to describe all the details that happened during 5 days. I just need to speak all these things about how delighted I am to be in this class and try to be in tranquility…

  I am a relatively total stranger to my new school. But it’s such a sensory bombardment for me even to think about it. I wanna be a part of something I don’t know. A fledging dragonfly is ready. I believe that the monarch will be crowned. May the best man win! You are gonna hear Class 7 ROAR!

  Ps. I’d better start packing…


  Every instructor, every teacher, the classmate of everyone, good evening, today I lecture on the topic of the military training experience for everyone.

  For military training, I have too many feelings, to almost can't express in words.

  Some say military training, is the combination of self-comforting; Others say that military training is to the body. And I want to say: the military training is like a grindstone together, and we, is for grinding knife, after military training, I believe that every knife, will be more sharp, more shining. As before he left, my mother told me: if you can put the military training is over, I believe, again big difficulty, you will be able to overcome.

  Military training taught me so much, such as how to cherish, how to respect, how to live, and, more importantly, how to adhere to.

  In military training, we sit, we usually want to lie, and stood, and often want to sit, but when standing on one foot, we desire only the feet on the ground. But why don't we learn to content with a little? In standing up, think of all the hard standing on one foot, then stood get comfortable? And while you're sitting there, why don't want to think standing tired? As compared to sit is to enjoy? So, as long as we learn to cherish the present, will be more relaxed and happy, and this is the military training taught me.

  I think, before the training, many of us are asked others to respect you? Referred to in the "others", it is possible that parents, teachers, or friends. However, if we thought about how to respect others? After military training, we know that when someone speaks to you, you don't listen to, that is not respect for others; Others deal with things in a very serious, but you are not serious, also is a kind of disrespect to others. This kind of don't respect in life there are too many. But more important is not this one. But let's see, military training before asking others to respect yourself, we have to learn how to respect others first.

  About the students are the "only" in the home? Not this, not that, clothing to hand, foot. And the school military training, we what all must depend on oneself. Not only that, time constraints, more make us confusion. Morning exercises in the first time, have not wear socks, have no time to comb your hair, a mess of things, let everybody muscle weakness force jing but after experienced countless for the first time, we grew up, learned how to live. And these are our life after military training.

  Military training, hone our will, let us thoroughly understand the "as long as kung fu deep, iron pestle ground into a needle", as the station JunZi, again not comfortable don't move, then oxygen cannot grasp, seconds as the sun, and when the instructor told us to stop, we found that their original can be insisted on. Then, in the heart secretly: starting today, stick to it, never lazy!

  Military training, taught us a lot, tell us a lot of, this will let us study in later life, a lot.


  Good morning!

  Greeting the cool morning breeze, soaking with warm sunshine, in this bright, warm and mature in August, we brought glory and dream, with pride and gratification, students studying together in the Holy Land, the cradle of the pillars of growth - - Experimental junior Sheyang County, where our new life began sailing.

  Autumn is a fruitful season, we will gain fruitful results here; autumn is a season of planting, we are here to sow new hope. In such a beautiful season, we are very honored to be a junior training camp experiment Sheyang County soldiers. First of all, allow me on behalf of all trained soldiers, to spend a week with our military training about time for us to pay a hard training instructors have my highest respect and heartfelt thanks!

  We bring excitement, with pride, with schools, teachers and parents the expectations of even more beautiful with our ideal vision and desire, to our dream of experimental junior high school. During these three years, we need to have a healthy body, good quality and overcome the psychological difficulties of courage and determination. The school organized military training for our activities, not only to improve our constitution, is to cultivate our indomitable will, indomitable spirit, broad mind love, hard style. The excellent quality of life in our three years of junior high school and even their lives will have a positive impact.

  Rapid development of modern society, competition and challenges are not far away from us, strengthen national defense awareness of national defense, enhance sense of historical responsibility and mission, is our contemporary students must take every sacred duty.

  Military training in order to make this work a success, we pledge:

  1, obey the orders and commands

  Obey orders, a soldier's duty, in military training in, no matter how hard or tired, whether wind or rain, we will never retreat, every action to the command.

  2, study hard, honing their determination

  Military time is short, but the style of the military, the military's will and character of the military is we will never be finished, and we will treasure the precious time of the week, with an open mind to learn the instructors, Basic Training, honing their will shape their own good character, for future study and life lay a solid ideological foundation.

  3, transmission and spread of consolidating the results of

  We believe that the military training will live in our lives left an indelible memories linger. We will learn the military training to good thinking, good style, and continue to promote the heritage, throughout our entire life.

  Students, military training is honing the will of the melting pot, is a challenging training grounds, let us work together. Teachers, instructors, and please believe, we must Go!

  My speech is over, thank you.

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