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四下 Unit 5 Free Time Lesson 1教学设计


  四下 Unit 5 Free Time Lesson 1教学设计

  葫芦岛市连山区世纪小学  刘佳

  教材分析(Analysis of Teaching Materials)

  本课内容选自人教版新起点英语Unit5 Free Time Lesson 1四年级下册内容。本单元主要学习有关课余生活的动词短语。并会询问与回答某人课余生活及活动的频率。在学习中建立应合理安排课余生活的意识,能与同伴合作完成活动或游戏,从而激发学生的学习兴趣.

  学生分析(Analysis of the students)


  教学目标(Teaching Aims)

  1.能听懂、会说go for a picnic,play the violin, go skating等有关课余生活的动词短语。

  2. 能够用What do you do in your free time? I often…来询问、回答有关课余生活的信息。

  3. 根据自己的实际情况,选择本课所学词汇或运用已学词汇完成句子填空。同时强化书写习惯。

  4. 能通过课堂交流了解课余活动可以丰富我们的生活。

  教学重难点(Important and Difficult Points)


  2. 能根据自己的实际情况,完成句子填空。

  教学过程(Teaching Process)

  Step ⅠPre-task presentation


  1. Greeting

  T:Hello,boysand girls.Today I’m your teacher. You’re my students. Nice to meet you.Today isyour festival,Children’s Day.(PPT出示儿童节的画面)Happy Children’s Day!(PPT播放声音效果)Wow! A gift for you.What’s in it? Do you want tosee? Don’t hurry.

  2. Revision

  T: Let’s say the flashing words first. Come on! (全班同学快速站起抢读单词)

  (PPT复习已学短语:play ping-pong/basketball/games,go to school/bedand go home.)



  1.Lead in


  T:Oh! A page pen and a piece of paper.It writes:Press the second one.Have a try.(学生按照指示按下翻页笔的第二个按钮)Oh, he’s my student,Ricky. He’s very busy . Let’shave a look.What does he do? Is he happy?(学生带着问题去看视频)

  设计意图:以一段小视频整体呈现本课的重点内容和主题,让学生了解Ricky在课余时间做了哪些事情。同时利用这一环节设置一个简单的问题Is he happy?让学生有目的的去看,体会成功的快乐。

  2.Present the theme

  T:Ricky hasmany things to do in his free time. Do you know when is free time?

  (师拿出日历告诉孩子们weekends, summer and winter vacations, afterschool, after class 都属于free time)

  T: These are free time. Free Time is the time youcan do you like doing things.OK!Today let’s talk about free time(板书).

  设计意图:通过课件和日历告诉学生哪些属于free time,使学生正确把握主题。

  3.Learn to say new phrases

  T:Ricky wants you to go fora picnic with him on Children’s Day. Let’s prepare some food in thepicnic baskets. After class, let’s see which group will get more food,OK? Comeon!


  (1) go for a picnic (PPT两张图片让学生猜短语的意思)

  T: Guess,which is picnic?(两幅图让学生选择,选对的加分。)

  通过PPT让学生尝试用It’s sunny.  Let’s go for a picnic.句子并在学习中带孩子们来做小游戏。

  (2)play the violin

  T: Look! Do you rememberwhat can Ricky do in his free time?(PPT两张照片,一张是Ricky在弹钢琴,另一张是拉小提琴)Yes, he can play theviolin.

  T: Can you play theviolin?

  Ss: Yes, I can. /No, I can’t.

  T: What do you do in your free time?(板书重点句子)

  生自由说:“I ______in my free time. ”学生用已学的短语操练句子。(www.fwsir.com)也可以师出示图片学生根据看到的图片内容来说句子,进行机械练习。

  (3)go skating

  找一名学生来问老师:What do you do in your free time?

  T: I like skating. I often go skating in my wintervacations.(PPT出示老师滑冰的图片)

  操练go skating, 其中sk组合的单词:skating, skin, skirt等带学生认读。


  1.Look and say

  2. What’s missing?

  Step ⅢPractice

  1. play a game

  Look and say

  2. What’s missing?

  3. Group Work

  Ask andanswer( 看看小动物在业余时间都做些什么?)

  A:Hello!_____.Whatdo you do in your free time?

  B:I often_____.(隐藏5幅图,学生可以选择自己喜欢的数字,每组两个人根据选择的图片来做对话。)

  Step ⅣExtension

  T: We want to go for a picnic with Ricky. But wehave no time.But we can write an email to Ricky. And tell him: What you do inyour free time? You want to be his friend.


  (Dear, Ricky. My name is ______. I ‘m in _______School. I often _________in my free time. I like_______.I ‘m happy we can befriends. Yours _____)


  Watch avideo(关于课余时间还可以帮助和关爱别人,丰富课余时间等等)


  1.Write an e-mail to Ricky

  2. After class talk about your free time

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